RECORD research project (2007-10)

RECORD (2007-2010) was a research project targeting online communities. In particular communities where users share and experience audiovisual content. In RECORD we provided knowledge and methodologies to improve development of online community products and services.

RECORD areas of work:

  • User categories and patterns-of-use
  • User interface design
  • User-centred evaluation

RECORD online Living Lab
The RECORD online Living Lab was established as part of the RECORD project.The RECORD online Living Lab was set up to provide design feedback through user dialog, study user needs and behavior, and evaluate services in online communities. The Living Lab is used to involve Living Lab participatns in co-design and evaluation.

RECORD designs
The researchers at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design (AHO) did a lot of inspiring design work in the RECORD project. In the video below, Jon Olav Eikenes presents results from his PhD work.

Also, the RECORD project involved AHO bachelor and master students producing nice work such as this, this, and this.

RECORD user studies
In the RECORD project a number of user studies were conducted. A longitudinal study of changing patterns of use, involving more than 1000 users across three years, was conducted. The user studies are documented in a number of papers and reports (see some of these below).

RECORD partners and supporters
The RECORD project leader is Opinion. The remaining partners were SINTEF and AHO (research institutions), Telenor, NRK and VIF (content providers), and Opera Software (technology supplier).

RECORD was connected to the international research projects CITIZEN MEDIA and COST294 MAUSE.

RECORD was supported by the Norwegian Research Council’s VERDIKT program.

The researchers in the project were Jan Heim, Asbjørn Følstad, and Petter Brandtzæg from SINTEF, and Jonathan Romm, Jørn Knutsen, and Jon Olav Eikenes from AHO.

RECORD publications
Journal papers
Brandtzæg, P.B., Lüders, M., & Skjetne, J. H. (in press). Too many Facebook “friends”? Content sharing and sociability versus the need for privacy in social network sites. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction.

Brandtzæg, P.B., Heim, J., & Kaare, B. (2010). Bridging and Bonding in Social Network Sites – Investigating Family-Based Capital. International Journal of Web Based Communities (IJWBC), 6(3), 231-253.

Eikenes, J.O. (2010) Connecting motional form to interface actions in web browsing. FORMakademisk, 3(1), 80-100.

Knutsen, J.G.S, Morrison, A. (2010) Have You Heard This? Designing Mobile Social Software. FORMakademisk, 3(1), 57-79.

Brandtzæg, P. B. (2010). Towards a unified Media-User Typology (MUT): A meta-analysis and review of the research literature on media-user typologies. Computers in Human Behavior, 26(5), 940-956.

Eikenes, J.O. and A. Morrison (2010). Navimation: Exploring time, space & motion in the design of screen-based interfaces. International Journal of Design, 4(1).

Følstad, A., Anda, B.C., Sjøberg, D.I.K. (2010) ‘The usability inspection performance of work-domain experts: An empirical study’, Interacting with Computers, 22(2), p. 75–87, ISSN: 0953-5438, doi:10.1016/j.intcom.2009.09.001

Brandtzæg, P.B. Staksrud, E, Hagen, I., & Wold, T. (2009). Norwegian children’s experiences of cyberbullying in different technological platforms. Journal of Children and Media 3(4), 349-365.

Brandtzæg, P.B., & Roibás, A.C. (Eds) (2009). Enabling elderly users to create and share self authored multimedia content. Special Issue of Computers in Human Behavior, 25(3), 597–792, ISSN: 0747-5632

Karahasanović, A., Brandtzæg, P.B., Vanattenhoven, J. Lievens, B., Nielsen, T. K. & Pierson, J (2009). Ensuring Etiquette, Trust, and Privacy when developing Web 2.0 Applications. IEEE Computer. 42(6), 42-49. ISSN 0018-9162, doi:10.1109/MC.2009.18 (In cooperation with the CITIZEN MEDIA project)

Karahasanović, A., Brandtzæg, P.B., Heim, J., Lüders, M., Vermeir, L., Pierson, J., Lievens, B., Vanattenhoven, J., & Jans, G. (2009). Co-Creation and User-Generated Content – Elderly People’s User Requirements. Computers in Human Behavior, 25(3), 655-679. ISSN: 0747-5632, (In cooperation with the CITIZEN MEDIA project)

Følstad, A. (2008) Towards a Living Lab For Development of Online Community Services, Electronic Journal of Virtual Organisations (EJOV), 10, Special Issue on Living Labs, p. 47-58, ISSN: 1442-9331

Følstad, A. (2008) Living Labs for Innovation and Development of Information and Communication Technology: A Literature Review, Electronic Journal of Virtual Organisations (EJOV), 10, Special Issue on Living Labs, p. 99-131, ISSN: 1442-9331.

Brandtzæg, P.B., Heim, J. (2008). ”Jeg liker ikke voldsspill” – En studie av norske barns spillinnholdspreferanser og psykososiale faktorer. Nordicom Information. 30 (1), 77-85. ISSN 0349-5949

Book chapters
Lüders, M., Brandtzæg, P.B., & Dunkel, E. (2009). Risky contacts. Sonia Livingstone and Leslie Haddon (Eds). Kids online: Opportunities and risks for children (chapter 10). Polity Press.

Brandtzæg, P. B., & Heim, J. (2009). Explaining Participation in Online Communities. Brian Whitworth and Aldo de Moor (Eds) Handbook of Research on Socio-Technical Design and Social Networking Systems. Information Science Reference

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2009, in press). Privat 2.0. Mot økt åpenhet og ønsket nettsynlighet. Bok for Fornyings- og administrasjons departementet.

Følstad, A., Law, E. L.-C., Hornbæk, K. (2009) ’Analysis of usability evaluation data: An interview study with usability professionals’, SINTEF rapport i samarbeid med partnere i MAUSE / TwinTide.

Brandtzæg, P.B. & Lüders, M. (2009). Privat 2.0. Person- og forbrukervern i den nye medievirkeligheten. SINTEF rapport på oppdrag fra Forbrukerrådet.

Knutsen, J., Eikenes, J.O., Romm, J. (2009) AHO design research report: Case #2: NRK Urørt first iteration.

Brandtzæg, P.B. & Lüders, M. (2008). eBorger 2.0. Den alminnelige borger som leverandør av offentlig informasjon? (eCitizen 2.0 – the general citizen as an supplier for eGov information?). SINTEF report ISBN: 978-82-14-04655-7 (joint effort between the projects RECORD and CITIZEN MEDIA)

Knutsen, J., Eikenes, J.O., Romm, J., Morrison, A. (2008). “AHO design research report: Case #1: Telenor football service”. Including scenarios on CD-ROM.

White papers
O. Mayora-Ibarra, Anastassova, M., Brandtzæg, P.B. Pogačnik, M. & Stockinge, P. (2007) User Communities Systems and Platforms, in User Centric Media . In N. Achilleopoulos, F. Alvarez, P. Belimpasakis, P. Daras, C. Guerrero Lopez, I. Laso, M. Pelt, and J.C. Point (Eds) User Centric Media: Future and Challenges in European Research. Created by “User Centric Media Cluster of FP6 projects”. Coordinated by Networked Media Unit of the DG Information Society and Media of the European Commission. ISBN: 978-92-79-06865-2

Conference and workshop publications
Brandtzæg, P.B., Følstad, A. Obrist, M., Geerts, D. & Berg. R. (2009). Innovation in online communities – Towards community-centric design. Proceedings of the 1st International ICST Conference on User Centric Media, Venice, 9-11 December 2009. P. Daras and O. Mayora (Eds.): UCMedia 2009, LNICST 40, pp. 50–57, 2010 (In cooperation with the CITIZEN MEDIA project)

Brandtzæg, P.B., & Heim, J. (2009). Why people use social networking sites. Proceedings of the HCI International 2009. San Diego, CA, USA, 19-24 July. In A.A. Ozok and P. Zaphiris (Eds.): Online Communities, LNCS. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, pp. 143–152.

Eikenes, J. O. (2009) Social Navimation: Engaging Interfaces in Social Media. The third Nordic Design Research Conference, NORDES’09: Engaging Artefacts 30 August to 1 September 2009

Følstad, A. (2009) Co-creation through user feedback in an online Living Lab: A case example. In S. Budweg, S. Draxler, S. Lohmann, A. Rashid and G. Stevens (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Workshop on Open Design Spaces supporting User Innovation, ODS ’09. Siegen, Germany, March 2, 2009. Final proceedings in V. Pipek, M., Rohde (Eds.) International reports on socio-informatics, 6(2). IISI – International Institute for Socio-Informatics, 43-55.

Staksrud, E., Brandtzæg, P.B., Hagen, I., Wold, T. (2008) Digital bullying – a major online risk?. Presented at ECREA’s 2nd European Communication Conference “Communication Policies and Culture in Europe” in Barcelona, 25th to 28th November 2008.

Følstad, A., The Effect of Group Discussions in Usability Inspections : a Pilot Study. Presented at NordiCHI 2008, Lund, Sweden, October 20-22, 2008.

Følstad, A. (2008) The Effect of Severity Ratings on Software Developers’ Priority of Usability Inspection Results. In Abrahão,S., Law, E.L-C., Stage, J., Hornbæk, K., Juristo, N. (Eds.) Proceedings of the International Workshop on Interplay between usability Evaluation and Software Development (I-USED 2008), Pisa, Italy, September 24, 2008

Brandtzæg, P.B., Heim, J., B. H. Kaare (2008). A study of user motivation and family-based capital among online community users in Norway. Presented at the IADIS Conference of Web-Based Communities. Amsterdam, Netherlands, 8-10, July, 2008.

Morrison, A. & Eikenes, J.O. (2008). ‘The times are a-changing in the interface’. Multimodality and Learning. An international conference. Institute of Education, University of London. June 19-20 2008.

Obrist, M., Geerts, D., Brandtzæg, P.B., & Tscheligi, M. (2008). Design for Creating, Uploading and Sharing User Generated Content. Presented at CHI 2008, April 5 – April 10, 2008, Florence, Italy (In cooperation with the CITIZEN MEDIA project)

Brandtzæg, P.B. and Heim, J. (2008) User Loyalty and Online Communities: Why Members of Online Communities are not faithful. INTETAIN 2008. 2nd International Conference on intelligent technologies for interactive entertainment, ACM press, Playa del Carmen, Cancun, Mexico. 8-10 January, 2008

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2007) The Innovators in the New Media landscape: User trends and challenges in the broadband society. In proceedings of the Cost 298 Conference – The Good, the Bad and the Unexpected. Participation in the broadband society: May 23-26, 2007 in Moscow, Russia

Geerts, D., Obrist, M., Brandtzæg, P.B., & Tscheligi, M. (2007). Supporting non-professional users in the new media landscape. In the proceeding of SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI ’07. 28 April – 3 May, 2007, San Jose, California, USA: ACM Press, 2849-2852 (In cooperation with the CITIZEN MEDIA project)

Feature articles
Brandtzæg, P.B. (2009). Start innovasjon gjennom sosiale medier. Web Magasin, desember, nr. 4(3). s. (kun papir)

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2009). Er privatliv en illusjon? Kronikk i VG den 7. september, s. 40-41

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2009). Hva er det med Twitter? Web Magasin, september, nr. 3(3). s. 30-31

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2009). Problematiske nettregler. Innsikt, januar, nr. 1. s. 80.

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2008). Kallenavn gir ingen garanti. Aftenposten, 2. november, del 2. s. 5

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2008). YouTube smitter ikke! (YouTube is not an infection). Innsikt, november, nr. 6. s. 96.

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2008). Kronikk/feauture article: Personlig hilsen Jens. Morgenbladet, 31. oktober 6. november, årgang 188, nr. 44, s. 19.

Brandtzæg, P.B (2008). Replikk/feature: Fortsatt upresist nettvett . Aftenposten, 24. Oktober 2008. del 2 (Kultur) s.3.

Brandtzæg, P.B (2008). Debattinlegg/feature: Nettregler uten vett (Online safety regulations without any sense). Aftenposten 21.oktober, del 2, s 5.

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2008). Replikk/feature: YouTube smitter ikke! (YouTube is not an infection). Aftenposten, 26. september, del 2 (Kultur) s.3.

Brandtzæg, P.B. (2008). Kronikk/feauture article: Hverdagens teknomareritt (A technology nightmare). Aftenposten, 3. august, del 2 (Kultur) s.4.

Brandtzæg, P. B. (2007). Replikk/feature: Er YouTube farlig? Aftenposten, Kommentarer. 9. Oktober 2007, del 2 (Kultur), s 3.

Brandtzæg, P. B. (2007). Kronikk/feature article: Staten inn på Facebook. (The Government should go on Facebook). Dagbladet,13. oktober, 2007, s. 48.

Brandtzæg, P. B. (2007). Kronikk/feature article: Vi er i “den lange halen”s tid. Aftenposten, 9. august 2007, del 2 (Kultur) s.4.

Brandtzæg, P. B. (2007). Kronikk/feature article: Verdiskapning 2.0 (Value creation 2.0). Ny Tid, nr. 23 årgang 55, 15. juni 2007. s 30-31.

RECORD press mentions
VG (05.05.08): Nettsamfunn skaper sjalusi. Brandtzæg intervjuet.
Dagbladet (13.10.07): Staten inn på Facebook. Kronikk av Brandtzæg
Dialog nr. 4, 2007 (Sept, 2007): Intervju med Brandtzæg og Følstad Tett på nett og arbeidsgiveren
Aftenposten: Intervju med Brandtzæg: Slik blir ditt nettliv i 2020.
Aftenposten (02.09.2007): Intervju med Brandtzæg: Ikke skjell ut jobben på nettet
Dagens IT (24.09.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: Nordmenn eier Facebook
Nettavisen (24.09.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: Norge størst på Facebook
Gemini (September 07) Intervju med Følstad og Brandtzæg: Privatlivets død (02.09.07). Brandtzæg intervjuet i saken Blogger kan felle deg i jobben
Aftenposten (09.08.07) Kronikk av Brandtzæg – Vi er i den lange halens tid.
Aftenposten (07.08.07). Brandtzæg intervjuet i saken Skikk og bruk i Facebook (05.06.07) Følstad intervjuet i saken Facebook-eksplosjon. (05.06.07) Følstad intervjuet i saken Datatilsynet advarer.
Journalen (26.03.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg På nett på nett
Aftenposten, (26.04.07)Intervju med Brandtzæg Facebook feber
Aftenposten, (27.04.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: Facebook kan gjøre deg syk
Trønderavisa, (27.04.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg:Facebook kan gjøre seg syk
Aftenposten, (30.04.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg; Forsiktig med Facebook bilder
Tønsberg Blad, Magasin (Lørdag 19.05.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: “Vårt virituelle liv”. side 6-10
Adressaavisa (Lørdag 05.05.07) 3 siders oppslag og intervju i Ukeadressa, Nettsamfunn
TV2, Side2 (20.05.07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: Lukkede nettverk i Norge
Weekendavisen (Danmark) (3-9-Mai, 07) Intervju med Brandtzæg: “Facebook. Effektiv networking så det gør helt ondt”
Kampanje nr. 3, 2007: Slik lever vi på Internett. Intervju om RECORD med
Simon Clatworthy, Ola Gaute Aas Askheim og Asbjørn Følstad

TV2: Godmorgen (08.11.07) Intervju med Petter Bae Brandtzæg om YouTube
NRK2: Intervju med Brandtzæg, TV og radio, Dagnytt 18 (Mandag 15.10.07)
Dagsnytt 18
Dagsnytt 18 på NRK2
TV2 Magasinet (Lørdag 19.05.07 kl 18.45) intervju med Petter Bae Brandtzæg om Sosiale nettverk
Innslag på TV2 Nyhetskanalen (24.09.07)
TV2 – Tabloid (05.02.07) Asbjørn Følstad i sak om Facebook
TV2 – God morgen Norge (04.30.07) Asbjørn Følstad i sak om Facebook og nettsamfunn

RadioAdressa. (10.05.07 kl. 06.45) Intervju m Petter Bae Brandtzæg om nettsamfunn i “Go’morgen”
Innslag på Kanal 24, (24.09.07)
NRK P3: P3nyheter. (05.07.07) Asbjørn Følstad i sak om Nettsamfunn og Facebook.
Kanal 24 (04.30.07) Ola Gaute Aas Askheim i sak om Facebook
P4 (27.04.07) Facebook kan gjøre deg syk.

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RECORD online Living Lab

The RECORD online Living Lab is administered by SINTEF, an independent Norwegian research organization.

Living Labs is one of the key research areas of the SINTEF HCI-group

The RECORD online Living Lab was developed as part of the RECORD (2007-10) research project.


Main contact person for the RECORD online Living Lab:

Asbjørn Følstad, senior researcher, SINTEF
E-mail: asf(at)
Phone: (+47) 93293013

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