Paper in Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences

HCIS paper front pageExperiences from the RECORD online Living Lab is presented in the scientific journal Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences. In the paper we present social design feedback as a method for online user involvement in innovation processes.

Social design feedback is used in two design cases, and the resulting user contributions are studied in terms of their usefulness. Based on the findings, we offer advice on how to implement social design feedback concerning communication of the study purpose, responsiveness to participant comments, and participant motivation.

You find the paper here.

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RECORD online Living Lab

The RECORD online Living Lab is administered by SINTEF, an independent Norwegian research organization.

Living Labs is one of the key research areas of the SINTEF HCI-group

The RECORD online Living Lab was developed as part of the RECORD (2007-10) research project.


Main contact person for the RECORD online Living Lab:

Asbjørn Følstad, senior researcher, SINTEF
E-mail: asf(at)
Phone: (+47) 93293013

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