Involve your users in design and development

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In the RECORD online Living Lab, users participate in your design or development process via their desktop computer or their mobile.

  • Designers or developers present their ideas, prototypes, or solutions to the users.
  • User participants provide feedback as free text comments and ratings. Interaction between participants is encouraged.

The online Living Lab is a useful way to involve users really early – in the idea or concept phase – something that is impractical to do with other methods.

Living Lab cases are typically associated with ongoing research projects. At this website we present the way we work and some example cases.

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Design feedback through an online social platform

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In the the RECORD online Living Lab, we gather user design feedback to be applied in development and innovation processes. In a paper acccepted for publication in the journal Interacting with Computers, we present our experiences from gathering such design feedback.

The presented expereices are based on four cases, including data collection from participating users and from development team representatives. From the perspective of developmetn team representatives, design feedback from users was seen as it provides insight into users’ needs and competencies, input into decision-making in the development process, and help to come up with new ideas. The users reported that they appreciate to contribute with design feedback, but that they only to a relatively small degree actually utilize the opportunity in the Living Lab to discuss and build on each others’ contributions.

You can find the paper here, but note that reading the paper requires a subscription.

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Service futures: What is expected from customer care?

ServDes 2014Feedback from service customers, gathered through the RECORD online Living Lab, was presented in a paper at the ServDes 2014 conference for service design and innovation.

In the paper, we show that while customers tend to highlight acts of friendliness and benevolence when they provide examples of great customer care, they do not highlight these aspects of customer care when considering what they expect form customer care in service sectors such as banking, telecom, and logistics. We conclude that this may indicate an opportunity, as service providers in this sectors may benefit highly on becoming more oriented towards affective expereinces.

You find the paper here.

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Paper in Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences

HCIS paper front pageExperiences from the RECORD online Living Lab is presented in the scientific journal Human-Centric Computing and Information Sciences. In the paper we present social design feedback as a method for online user involvement in innovation processes.

Social design feedback is used in two design cases, and the resulting user contributions are studied in terms of their usefulness. Based on the findings, we offer advice on how to implement social design feedback concerning communication of the study purpose, responsiveness to participant comments, and participant motivation.

You find the paper here.

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Experiences with the RECORD online Living Lab

SociaLL report front pageAs part of the Nordic SociaLL innovation project we have presented our experiences from seven cases in the RECORD online Living Lab. If you are interested in how our online Living lab works and what it can be used for, this report is a good place to start.

In the report we summarize our experiences as seven lessons learnt based on analyses of the participants contributions and post-factum data collection with the participants and case clients.

You can find the full report here

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Paper on service innovation and the online Living Lab

ISM 2012 logoFindings from a case study on user involvement in service innovation, conducted in the RECORD online Living Lab was presented in this paper at the international workshop Innovation through Social Media (ISM 2012), Oslo, Norway, December 3, 2012.

The workshop also included a number of other interesting papers on user involvement in Living Lab innovation. More details to be found at the workshop website.

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RECORD online Living Lab

The RECORD online Living Lab is administered by SINTEF, an independent Norwegian research organization.

Living Labs is one of the key research areas of the SINTEF HCI-group

The RECORD online Living Lab was developed as part of the RECORD (2007-10) research project.


Main contact person for the RECORD online Living Lab:

Asbjørn Følstad, senior researcher, SINTEF
E-mail: asf(at)
Phone: (+47) 93293013